Tips and Tricks When Bleeding Trailer Brakes

8 January 2018
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It is usually advisable to bleed the brakes of your boat trailer after replacing a component of the brake system. This article discusses some helpful tips that you should keep in mind when bleeding the boat trailer brakes.

Place the Drain Container High

Select the location of the container that will receive the purged brake fluid carefully. Never place the container at a lower level than the cylinder from which you are draining brake fluid as you bleed the brakes. Placing the container at a lower level will allow air bubbles to move towards the cylinder instead of away from it. This can defeat the purpose of bleeding the brakes to get rid of any trapped air bubbles. Place the container at a higher level so that you prevent air bubbles from moving towards the wheel cylinder.

Watch the Master Cylinder Carefully

You should never be carried away as you bleed the brakes to the extent of failing to monitor how much brake fluid is still left in the master cylinder on your boat trailer. A low brake fluid level can create an opportunity for air to be sucked into the brake fluid lines. You will then be forced to purge the remaining fluid from the brake system before you can repeat the entire brake bleeding procedure. Keep topping up the fluid in the master cylinder after each wheel that you bleed so that you can avoid the possibility of having to redo the entire process.

Use the Filler Cap

The last stage of bleeding the brake system involves using a screwdriver to pump the master cylinder's pushrod to purge the cylinder of any air prior to creating pressure within the brake system. This process can cause brake fluid to squirt upwards as the pressure inside the master cylinder builds up. Avoid looking directly into the reservoir as you pump that rod. Otherwise, the escaping brake fluid will squirt into your eyes. You can also place the filler cap loosely on the top of its place on the master cylinder for added protection against those squirts.

Take your time as you bleed the brakes after performing boat trailer repairs. This patience will allow you to do a thorough job so that no air bubble remains within the brake lines. Additionally, it is necessary to have the boat trailer professionally inspected regularly. Based on their experience, they can detect and solve any issues.